Friday, June 3, 2011

Weaving down memory lane

For my birthday Howard gave me...


We are sitting here drinking it.

It made me remember this night in Flagstaff. I was there with my brother George. We were driving cross country and we wound up at some Super 8 or something in Flagstaff. It was night and we looked out the window and there was this lurid neon sign in the darkness that read "The Desert Martini."

I actually remember the sign as more lurid than this picture. But perhaps it has grown in my memory.

In any case George said, "Let's see what's going on at the Martini."

With which we went into the night. We got to the Martini and sat down at the bar and got talking with locals and a gentleman, I remember, got me a shot of tequila.

George still laughs about it, how I suddenly sat up straight, anticipating that shot of tequila.

After drinking the tequila I took this snapshot of George dancing on the bar at the Desert Martini. It is not quite in focus but you can sort of make him out.

Just yesterday, how about this, I interviewed a conductor from Flagstaff! He conducted Gershwin's Concerto in F with Pennario as soloist. It was in 1971 but you do not forget an experience like that and so this maestro and I had a long conversation.

He asked me if I had been to Flagstaff and I said yes. I said I crashed a rental car in Flagstaff. Later I realized that was wrong, that I crashed the rental car in St. Louis, not Flagstaff. I wish I had remembered things correctly, that it was in Flagstaff that I drank the tequila at the Desert Martini.

I could have asked him if the Desert Martini is still there! Well, now we are friends and so I will email him and ask him.

Hmmm. I wonder if this is it. "No trip back home is complete without coming here!" That is what someone writes.

Our trip was not complete without the Desert Martini, that is for sure.

Flagstaff forever!

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