Friday, June 17, 2011

Out with the old

Today is a very important day in the calendar. Extremely important.

It is the feast day of St. Harvey!

OK, I am just kidding. Well, it is the feast day of St. Harvey. I just looked up which saints were today and he was one of them. Who knew there was a St. Harvey? I wonder what he is the patron saint of.

Perhaps the patron saint of rabbits.

Or Harvey Wallbangers.

Where was I?

The importance of today.

It is ... it is ...

... Large Trash Day!

Howard and I took out the box spring that has been upstairs forever, leaning against the highboy. That is a word I love, highboy! But I have mentioned that before.

We had to waltz this thing down the stairs, turning it this way and that. It was an adventure with trying to get it under the ceiling fan and around the landing and finally -- yay! -- out the door.

When you get out the door the adventure is only just beginning. That is because we live on a well-traveled street. Whenever you do a single thing there are inevitably cars lined up outside at the light, stereos pounding, drivers rubbernecking.

All the drivers are watching you take your large trash out to the curb, and trying to figure out where they know you from, and checking out what you are throwing out, and deciding whether they need it.

The best is when someone is throwing out a toilet.

Ha, ha! That is classic! But any item is worthy of note.

"We saw you taking your mattress out to the curb." Someone, somewhere, will tell me that today.

That is Buffalo!

On the bright side, it is rare that here it can be not even eight in the morning and already I have accomplished something. These household tasks, they kill you, you know? Here I am struggling to put every minute into Leonard Pennario and meanwhile that stupid box spring has just sat there, and sat there. And there is junk in the upstairs hall. And the bishop's weed shall inherit the garden.

Oh well. I always think of Christ saying, "The poor will always be there."

The house will always be there!

Luckily, now minus the box spring. With which, I just looked up St. Harvey and found he is responsible for many miracles.

My box spring out for Large Trash Day is now one of them!

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