Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double your pleasure

What a week for news! Osama bin Laden captured, Prince William married ... and Tops doubling coupons up to $1!

This last event is especially newsworthy in Buffalo. Last night my mother and I were discussing its ramifications. I have recently fallen beneath the wheel as far as coupons go. It is hard to be a coupon expert and write the authorized biography of Leonard Pennario, both at the same time. So I have begun clipping my coupons at my mom's house, just idly, while we talk. I dump the circulars into an Albrecht Discount bag...

... and then I cut them and sort them.

Last night after Pilates class that is what I was doing. And my mom was mentioning that my sister Katie would be coming one day this week and they were planning to go together to the spanking new Tops. I may have mentioned this Tops before. We are all preoccupied with it.

I said, "You should tell Katie they are doubling coupons this week."

Katie lives life in a vacuum. A couple of weeks ago she had no idea who Prince William is or that he was getting married.

My mom said, "I don't know if she has any coupons. She doesn't get the newspaper."

Not getting the paper does put you at a disadvantage when it comes to coupons, not to mention you do not get to read my deathless prose.

Right about then the phone rang and it was Katie. My mom excitedly told her about the coupon doubling.

"Do you have any coupons?" she asked.

Katie said, "I have one."

One coupon???

Who has only one coupon??

What is it for? That is what I would like to know. Reynolds Wrap? Colgate? Redpack tomatoes?

I mean, I am just curious!

My story ends happily. I left my mom's and impulsively swung by that Tops on the way home. I used all four of my coupon doublers! I got great Italian canned tomatoes, big 28-ounce cans, three for a buck. I got a big tub of butter spread free. My mom had already scored that bargain and said it was good.

I also got Xtra laundry detergent for $1.50 each, two of them. And something else. I will think of it.

Couponing is a pain. Even my mom says so. But when you can score big with minimal effort, it is one of those little things that brighten your day.

An otherwise dull trip to the store sparkles!

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