Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going green

The occupational hazard of doing Zumba dancing is you wind up with the goofy songs on the brain.

There I am today going into Mass for Immaculate Conception, and my mind is going, "She OK, she OK! She OK, she OK!"

There is a real Immaculate Conception thought! And the angel said, "She OK."

I fall victim to this kind of stuff extremely easy. Pennario had this problem too. It was easy for him to get stuff on his brain and it is easy for me too.

She's hot, she's blazin'
Everybody wants her name 'n
I got to take her home with me toni--ight

What else?

Don't want to lose no time, baby
Don't want to lose no time

I just refuse, you know? I am not going to get stupid and go around singing this stuff.

On the other hand I just got new Zumba clothes! Screaming green pants this time and a tight blue T-shirt that says "Crazy Happy."

Just one way to describe me!

She OK!


Prof. G said...

Do they have a shirt for me that says "Gloomy Sane?"

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Ha,ha!! Prof., you kill me.