Saturday, December 11, 2010

The apples of my eye

Today I promised myself apples so after my Zumba class and before going to pick up my mom, I swung by the Clinton-Bailey Market. With Christmas around the corner the market is mostly turned over to selling Christmas trees. However. However!! I was late but still I saw a few baskets of apples. They were being loaded into the Tower Farms truck.

I pulled into a parking space and leapt from my car.

"Excuse me!" I said to the women packing up the truck. "Can you take a last-minute customer?"

These girls looked at me as if, I was the last person in the world they wanted to see. Wordlessly they turned and continued packing the truck.

"Oh, please!" I said. "I need to buy a half bushel."

Those grinches looked as if they were going to ignore me. Apple farmers, I am telling you, they own the world.

Suddenly Bob Tower emerged and my problems were over. Bob Tower, the boss at Tower Farms.

"Oh, Bob, thank goodness," I said. Well, maybe I did not say "thank goodness," but trust me, it was in my voice. I explained to him what I wanted and Bob Tower custom-packed me a beautiful basket with both Crispin and Braeburn apples and maybe another kind, I cannot think what. Two Crispins have already gone into the cookies I baked for the church potluck tomorrow.

This is why it pays to be not only the authorized biographer of Leonard Pennario but a regular customer of Tower Farms. I have apples whereas other people have none.

The red apple in the picture may be the Braeburn and it may be not. I have other apples that look more like the Braeburn than that one does.

But only one thing is important:

Whatever it was, it was good!

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