Monday, November 8, 2010

Back into the booth

Son of a sea cook, those chocolate chip cookies yesterday, they turned out great! In spite of my leaving out the egg until the last minute. I could not stop eating them! Neither could Howard.

I will have the sin of gluttony to confess to when I go next to Confession.

Which, according to my calculations that will be tomorrow. Up above is a painting of me tomorrow, going to Confession! I am the girl in the pink dress.

I am way behind with my Confessions but I have to go tomorrow if I am to get my Plenary Indulgence.

I read somewhere that you get a Plenary Indulgence if you go to Mass on All Souls Day, which is optional, to pray for the souls in Purgatory, in addition to going to Confession within one (1) week. I did go to All Souls Day Mass last week and now all I need is Confession to seal the deal. I meant to go last weekend but I got thinking about Leonard Pennario and I forgot. But the good news is, there is one more day I can go and that is tomorrow! It's not over until it's over as we say at Bills games here in Buffalo.

The big question of course is: What exactly is a Plenary Indulgence?

You can read about it here if you are interested and, who would not be? I will tell you this, it sounds like something I could use.

The intricacies of it are a bit much but I interpret it to mean, sometime in the afterlife things will go easier for me and for my friends. I am determined to do it! It is funny because it is as if suddenly the 12th century encroaches on your life. People in the 12th century were preoccupied with Plenary Indulgences and so am I.

So, tomorrow, watch out for me, St. Michael's, because I am coming in!

Confessing my sin of gluttony.

Claiming my Plenary Indulgence!


Prof. G said...

CLAIMING a Plenary Indulgence?? My, oh my, two new sins there: Pride and Presumption. It's like the Sartre title "No Exit".

m--- said...

I think it's a "get out of Purgatory free" card. (I just checked the Catechism.)

Larry said...

Sure hope I am not enjoying my daily beans and rice too much, lol!