Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday scavenging

Ay me! I have not checked in all day because I have been running around.

This morning I did Zumba class with my friend Nicole. Nicole is a trained ballet dancer so I am proud to have her as a Zumba friend. I have in mind that I can copy her moves. Nicole dances in the front of the class and is very graceful and I Zumba kind of near the back because I am still learning and sort of flail around.

But I have fun! And as of now I have dropped five pounds.

Five pounds! Yay me!

From "Ay me" to "Yay me!" What a difference a "y" makes.

After Zumba I went garage sale-ing with my mom and I bought:

1.) a pot I can cook pasta in, for $3, plus with my mother making me bargain, I made them throw in a ladle, a salad server and a slotted spoon. My bargaining skills are growing. Soon I will be ready to graduate to a Moroccan bazaar.

2.) The Favorite Brand Name Cookbook.

It is lavishly illustrated.

It is 700 pages long and it calls for things like "1 bunch of DOLE Broccoli" and "1 tablespoon LAND O'LAKES butter." I got a box of cookbooks for $3 and this is one. I have not even looked yet to see what the other ones are.

3.) Two little glass dishes that read: "A Good Deal For a Tasty Meal." The rumor on the Internet is that they were from an Automat but who knows. All's I know, as we like to say here in Buffalo, is that on eBay they are going for $30 for two, and I paid a quarter for both. Yay me!

4.) A lamp! It is pictured at the top of this post. It cost $2.

5.) An alarm clock, for 50 cents, but my mom took it from me. She wants to see if it lights up. If it does, she wants it. That is OK with me. I want an alarm clock that does not light up. I do not want to see what time it is in the middle of the night, thank you very much.

6.) Dishes, like I need more of them. But these were so pretty, with yellow flowers. There is service for 3 so that will be great for when Howard and I have a friend over. One friend, is all that may join us for dinner, if we are to use these special dishes.

7.) A Monopoly game from 1964!

I love how it reads "Parker Brothers Real Estate Trading Game Equipment."

Monopoly games are classics, like The Joy of Cooking, or Leonard Pennario albums. There are no bad years. I have been waiting for a good Monopoly game where the price is right. This one had the metal tokens and the classic board and all the cards and money. The only problem was the houses and hotels were plastic. However! The box and everything was in good condition and the price was right: 50 cents. Sold!

I bought other stuff but God forget what. Then I went to the Broadway Market. One thing I bought was a whole mullet. I wish to start cooking whole fish.

But that is another story for another day.


Larry said...

'Monopoly' sounds so nostalgic. It was around that year (1964) when I last saw or played a game. And yes, the houses and hotels were plastic indeed. Houses were green and hotels were red, if I recall correctly. Oh my, how time flies!

Anonymous said...

When you said "mullet", I feared you had gotten a bad haircut. You know, that "Business in the front, party in the back" look. AKA Canadian passport, hockey hair or Kentucky waterfall. I was relieved when I read on and realized it was a fish. Hope you enjoyed it.

Pauldub said...

Be careful around Moroccan bazaars. I understand back in the day Fair young ladies disappeared and ended up sold into slavery.