Saturday, July 17, 2010

In the wee, wee hours

Today before hitting the garage sale with my mom I hit Zumba class at the Colvin Buffalo Athletic Club. I was running out the door at the same time the instructor was. This is this great wild instructor we love. Her name is also Mary.

Mary said to me that she always loves to see me in class because I smile!

It is true. I do! I smile and laugh all through the class. I have written on the Web log right from the beginning that Zumba cracks me up. I told Mary how much I have come to love this Zumba thing. I said I do not know how good I will ever get at it, but I enjoy it so much I go every day. I said, I have lost a few pounds but that is not even the point any more.

It just makes me feel good! You dance off the stress.

Lastnight I had trouble sleeping so I was up in the night for a little while sipping whiskey and looking through this catalog my new Zumba friend Gail had passed on to me. This company called Dance Wear Solutions has dance clothes cheap and I was looking for hip-hop pants.

This will be me, heading to Zumba class!

Ha, ha! Just kidding! Actually the pants I was shopping for looked more like this.

But still, me! Looking for hip-hop pants! I had to laugh at that.

I also had to laugh because I was awake and catalog shopping. When I was a baby and I could not sleep my mother would put the Sears catalog into my crib with me and I would flip through it until I fell asleep. I do not remember that of course but there are pictures to prove it, pictures of me in my crib with the Sears catalog.

I am still the same person, I guess!

In the end I did not buy the hip-hop pants. It would ruin the game of finding my Zumba clothes at garage sales and Goodwill. I just do not enjoy stuff if it is not used, you know? At the moment I am Zumba-ing in these electric green culottes. I am the only person in the class wearing culottes but you know what, everyone else will just have to deal with that.

I put the catalog down and went and worked on my Leonard Pennario book for an hour or so. Everyone tells you not to work when you can't sleep but it makes me feel better to do that and then I find I can go to sleep.

This morning my Zumba class woke me up.

When my book is published I wonder if it would be out of line to include my Zumba teachers in the acknowledgments.

They help keep me sane!

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Larry said...

"Culottes"... had to look that up, lol. Kind of like lower-class 'pantaloons'. The French like em. Well, whatever works. Glad you are having fun with it! :)