Friday, July 23, 2010

Hollywood on the harbor

Howard and I went to the Buffalo Philharmonic's "Hollywood on the Harbor." Above is the sunset with the Little Rock. In a picture taken by me!

Here is the sunset with Howard.

That was a little earlier in the evening.

The Philharmonic played "The Rowing of the Galley Slaves" from "Ben-Hur" by Leonard Pennario's friend Miklos Rozsa. How often do you get to hear that piece live? Reminds me, a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale I scored a lavish box set of the music from that movie, along with a deluxe book. I like Miklos Rozsa and from reading the letters he and Leonard wrote to each other I like their friendship. They both have all these opinions.

Introducing the Miklos Rozsa the conductor, Matthew Kraemer, never mentioned Rozsa's friendship with Pennario or that Rozsa wrote a piano concerto for Pennario. I was shocked, I tell you, shocked that he left that out!

Howard took this picture of me working and contemplating Leonard's friendship with Miklos Rozsa.

Here is another picture of the sunset. Click on it to blow it up and you might be able to see a little dog on board the boat. The dog wore a little life jacket and liked to run back and forth on the ledge at the back of the boat.

It was fun to look at the sunset and feel the breezes and watch the seagulls. And listen to the music from "Ben-Hur."

A most picturesque evening!

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