Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ay yi yi yi

Yesterday, such a mixed-up day! I ...

1.) confused a doctor appointment with a dentist appointment.

2.) lost my gym card, which will cost me $5.

3.) went shopping at Tops with my hair wet and ran into a girl from my Zumba class. We had a great time talking about our various teachers and why Renee, who teaches downtown, is so great. But there she was looking as if she just stepped out of church and there I am with my wet hair. Subsequently I was hit up by a panhandler by the checkout counter and while I was getting over that I ran into Dan Hart, the Philharmonic's CEO. Just the kind of person you want to run into with your hair wet, you know?
4.) forgot to call two people I said I would call today.

5.) bit my nails, verboten with my perfect teeth.

6.) spilled my water bottle over my socks and into my sneakers before Zumba class. Only I could manage to do that. Sneakers, socks, soaking wet. I Zumba-ed anyway!

Zowie. I felt like such an idiot. This is what it is like when you are devoting every waking moment to Leonard Pennario. My most abject moment was, there I was listening to the phone message the dentist left. "We had you on for today at 3 p.m. We would like you to call and reschedule. Normally we --"

And then they were cut off! I am sure they were going to say, normally we charge you for missed appointments. But I do not know for sure. Because on top of everything else my voice mail was full.


So, this begs the question:

Remember the sprouts?

You should see them now!

I made egg-salad sandwiches for lunch for Howard and me and I put in the sprouts and they taste great, like eating a garden.

I am a master gardener!


Derek J. Punaro said...

I so need to find one of those sprout gardens! I hate buying sprouts because they go bad so fast.

Larry said...

Some days it is better to just stay in bed, lol.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Derek, you can also make sprouts in a jar. There are directions on the Internet. I think most people just rig up their own sprout growers. Meanwhile, if I find another Sprouter at a garage sale I will pick it up for you!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Larry, thanks for the sympathy!