Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A trip to Dr. Tammy

This morning I awoke naturally at 5:55 a.m. That is the greatest!

Plus it was easier getting up than it has been.

I went to the chiro yesterday and got that back business taken care of. I go to a funny kind of chiro. It is called NUCCA which stands for something, I forget what. Howard got me onto it. Our nephew Jeremy is a NUCCA chiropractor in Chicago and Howard got into it years ago because of him.

NUCCA chiropractors do not crack your back or anything. All they do is push behind your left ear.

It is actually very funny. Every time I go I have trouble not laughing. You lie on your side and they push behind your ear. And somehow it fixes everything up. People think of chiropractors as kind of hocus-pocus and New Age because sometimes I think they make the mistake of presenting themselves that way. But what my chiro does, I cannot help thinking, is actually pretty simple. It is all physics. Mechanics, is the word Howard prefers.

My mom had been thinking of going to the chiro with me to see how it worked. She has balance issues occasionally. Which, a lot of people have that, and I began thinking it might help to get aligned at the chiro. And my mom was momentarily open to that idea.

But yesterday the window had slammed shut and she no longer was interested. She was interested only in going to lunch after I was through with the chiro.

So I went to the chiro on my own. The one I usually see, Dr. Alison, was not in. So I got Dr. Tammy.

Parents: This is why you do not name your little girl Tammy. Here she is this professional and she has this goofy name! It is like the situation at University Presbyterian Church. Every time I pass that church I look at the sign out front. It has the pastor's name and it is the Reverend Tracy Something-or-other.

The name Tracy can be nice under normal circumstances but when you are supposed to be a reverend it sounds kind of squeaky, you know?

My mother also would not have liked that Dr. Tammy was tattooed. She was demonstrating exercises I could do and she had this mega-tattoo, some big dragon or something, all down her back. Ha, ha! I wished Leonard Pennario were around to tell about that. He would have gotten a kick out of that. I had been working on my book for two days solid so I had Pennario on the brain.

Well, I will say this, Dr. Tammy, tattoo and all, got my back straightened out in about five minutes.

"It should start feeling better pretty quickly," she said.

Which it did! Today I was up with the birdies. Plus I have a new headset at work, so, no more pain in the neck. No more interviewing people with the phone receiver on my shoulder as this video shows me doing with Cardinal Egan.

From hence forth, health!

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Larry said...

I do not know from chiropractors but, I know that a day without a Pennario link is like a day without sunshine. So here is his lovely 1947 KMH radio performance of Falls'a Ritual Fire Dance, lol!