Sunday, June 6, 2010

The days of the roses

I cannot get over the roses in my garden and how beautiful they are. Above are the roses by my back door.

Here are roses by my back porch.

Here are the roses in the front.

Here are the roses at my mother's house.

Here is a song about roses I love, sung by a singer I love.

My roses will never look as good as my mother's but for one brief, shining moment my garden does not look too bad. All those rose bushes I bought for $5 each at Menne's are earning their keep, I will say that.

One thing, I got out two days in a row and pulled up bishop's weed. Here is an idea. Perhaps I will go and replant the bishop's weed in Bishop Kmiec's yard. After all, as Scripture says, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.

Oh, no!

I just looked up on this Catholic site to check on how to address a bishop and it is "Most Illustrious and Most Reverend Lord."

That is a mouthful!

When I talked to Cardinal Egan about Leonard Pennario I had only to address him as "Your Eminence."

Now I am to say, "Here is my bishop's weed, Most Illustrious and Most Reverend Lord"? For real?

Oh, wait. That is in Italy. Here in America it is different. It is not so elaborate. However, the site advises: "It is better to make a free use of titles of respect, rather than to run the risk of not using enough, and of thus falling short of what is due and fitting."

Hmmm. How about that?

It is amazing, the things you learn when you stop to smell the roses.


Larry said...

The roses are beautiful! Before they fade, why not have a "Day Of Wine And Roses"? :)

Brendan said...

New Advent's Catholic Encyclopedia is from the early 20th century. In America, bishops are addressed "Excellency" but still in England "Lordship."

Don't worry!

Bingles said...

Lovely roses!!

And yes, "Your Excellency" would be just fine. Though.. I'm not a huge fan of the Bishop.. so I'd just address him as "Bishop".

Ward said...

You could always go with "Sah ein Knab' ein Röslein steh'n" by Peter Schreier -- but only if you want your heart broken.