Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The big chill

Yesterday I went to the dentist and by the time she was through with me my face was completely numb up to my ears. Honest, I could not feel my left ear.

The dentist was at me three times with the Novocain because I just would not go numb!

She kept asking me if my lower lip were numb yet. And I would feel it to see and then reply dolefully that no, it was not.

Needle again!

Then I went really numb.

All that did not clip my wings though. I left the dentist and went straight to Albrecht Discount which is across the street on Sheridan. I bought Cherries Jubilee yogurt and milk and pork tenderloin and who knows what else. Then I did not go home! I went to Premier Liquor.

I ran across someone I knew in the parking lot and my numb mouth did not stop me from gabbing and gossiping. It is Buffalo's public square, the parking lot of Premier Liquor. I bought a ton of wine. My fellow shoppers were looking at me with envy as I strolled the store, piling bottles in my cart.

I took my time shopping. One thing, I go for lower-alcohol wine. My cutoff is 13 percent. The wine has to be below 13 percent. You would be surprised how many are 14 or 14 and a half percent.

Howard tracked me to Premier Liquor. It was not enough for him to track the space balloon yesterday!

There was one time when I was flying home from seeing Leonard Pennario and Howard tracked the flight. That was hysterical. My brother George could not believe it. You would see the plane inching across the country.

On my way home from the dentist yesterday, two daymakers: No. 1 they began playing this Brahms piece on the radio that was ravishingly beautiful. Howard has forbidden me to listen to classical music in the car and he is right, but sometimes I cannot help it and this was one of those times.

And the other daymaker, remember my little food store on Hertel Avenue? That store is back!

"Welcome," read a sign. Another sign read, "Tomatoes 99 cents."

I must needs go there for olives and feta cheese.

As soon as my mouth thaws out.


Larry said...

The space balloon tracking yesterday was so exciting and fun to me. Also, I watched the devices return to Buffalo for I was so interested to have such a tour. Great work, Howard!

It is funny how I though, last summer, that I was so cool and hi-tech with my new Garmin for the car, for my trip home to KY. My first GPS experience. Yes, that seems funny now, lol. But the best thing is that when the speedo quit working, I just used the Garmin! Also set the cruise with it. Amazing stuff!

Bingles said...

So you had a cart full of wine AND slurred speech??? People are going to think you are an alcoholic. I, on the other hand, would have been envious of a cart full of wine. Sigh.. dare to dream :)

Ryan said...

I thought for sure this blog post was going to lead to a story about food poisoning! You just took your time, strolling around Premier, while your pork and milk and cherries jubilee yogurt sat in the 90-degree car. Look what happened to President Zachary Taylor. He ate cherries and milk on a hot day, and it killed him!

Ward said...

Oh Lord--you just reminded me of Bill Cosby's routine about visiting the dentist. The single funniest story I have ever seen told.