Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boom town

Yesterday I went for a quick walk on the waterfront and surprise! I got to see our tugboats taking in the ice boom. One tug went in front and the other brought up the rear.

Whoo-hoo! That is what I wrote on Facebook.

Happy April, everyone!

It is a interesting but also a little frightening to see the seasons passing. It is scary that it is now April. I would like my book on Leonard Pennario out by the end of the year. That is what I keep saying and I keep working but I am like an ant crossing a football field. Sometimes it seems that way anyway!

We have only a few days now till Easter. I am telling you this, the days are crammed. Here is one decision I have to admit I made. Something had to go in Holy Week and that something was confession. I had these big dreams about getting to confession this week and it is the sorry truth that confession has gone right out the window.

I decided I am going to go next week when the churches are not crammed and you could shoot a cannon through St. Michael's without hitting anyone.

My mother agreed with my decision. She is doing the same thing.

Just the way Easter Sunday is amateur Sunday at Mass, Holy Week is Amateur Week when it comes to confession. It is like it is Amateur Week at the Broadway Market. When Easter is over that is when I go back to the Broadway Market and back to confession.

Meanwhile it is time to broker a good deal on my ham and lamb.


Larry said...

And a Happy April to you as well, Mary!

Prof. G said...

Your confession wouldn't have anything to do with "Honolulu Baby", would it?

(Let's see if any of your other readers figure that one out)