Tuesday, April 20, 2010

50 Cent

The Zen lifestyle, it would never be for me. I need my stuff!

There is this candleholder I got at the estate sale the other day. That is it up above, with two Candle-Lite candles in the background. This candleholder cost me 50 cents. It has already assumed great importance on the dinner table.

It is funny how something cheap like that can give you pleasure.I just found myself looking at it. I am going to make the headline of this post 50 Cent so people looking for the rapper will find me and my candleholder.

You can kind of see the 50 cent candleholder in this picture of Howard and my friend Lizzie who came over to celebrate my new Bosch stove. The candleholder is in the front left hand corner, right behind what would be my wineglass.

Observe also the 1950s pitcher. That came from an estate sale a few weeks ago. It came with five matching glasses one of which is visible right to Lizzie's left.

In this picture you can see everything better but this picture is not as much fun.

Howard does not like me lighting candles because he says I am going to burn the house down. But I am reluctantly allowed to burn candles if they are in glass. That is why the Candle-Lite candles are allowed and why I can burn a tea light if I put it in the new holder.

Ha, ha! I am enjoying this post about nothing. I just got off the phone with this pianist, William Wolfram. He is coming to the Buffalo Philharmonic in a couple of weeks. Wolfram is a terrific pianist and he is also very intense. I will tell you this, our conversation was heavy! Now I am relaxing my mind by dwelling on my candleholder.

William Wolfram had heard of Leonard Pennario. "He was a very big name when I was growing up," he said.

But I was nice and did not rivet the conversation on Pennario. Wolfram is a lot of fun to talk about in his own right, I will say that. He plays big music, which I like.

Here is a video of William Wolfram playing big music.

I am going to listen to it and look at my candleholder.

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Prof. G said...

Pondering the name of your stove, are you calling a room in your house "The Kitchen Of Earthly Delights"?