Saturday, March 6, 2010

On the waterfront

Isn't that impressive? That is a picture I took on the waterfront yesterday.

Here is another.

And another. This one shows our beauteous City Hall.

Wow, it felt warm walking on the waterfront yesterday but then again I was listening to Leonard Pennario on my iPod. Looking at the pictures I can see it was actually cold.

It is amazing, the changing of the season.

The sky.

Still life with stop sign.

We will be looking back on this in July asking ourselves, where did the time go?


Larry said...

I, for one, am sure ready to start that 'looking back' process, lol! Winter cannot go away fast enough for me. The bad part is, at my age, it will be right back in the blink of an eye. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. No way could I hack living in Buffalo. Norfolk (here) is about 1500 miles too far north, really! :)

Howard Goldman said...

Great photos! I can see a couple of these on Ron Moss inspirational posters.