Friday, March 26, 2010

Bird and jailbird

Great column in The Buffalo News today about a guy who got slapped in the Holding Center for flipping the police "the bird."

My colleague Donn Esmonde wrote the column and he said the guy "reflexively" shot the cops the bird.


This guy does this all the time?

It is so reflexive that he even does that to a cop? Everyone knows you cannot show disrespect to cops. They do not have to put up with that kind of thing. Once Howard was hanging out downtown at Prima Pizza Pasta with his cousin Ron Moss, pictured here on our couch.

Howard and Moss saw a guy throw something, a piece of paper, at a cop. The cops are always down on Chippewa to keep order.

The guy did not think the cop saw him or anything, and began walking away. And the cop came up behind him and grabbed him by the neck! Then the cop strong-armed him over to the cop car and shoved him up against the car and cuffed him and took him away.

That is how you have to deal with these people!

I am telling you this, I wish I could. I am tired of going everywhere and hearing the "F" bomb. You hear it at the next table at restaurants. And from people you pass on the sidewalk. People who are out shopping in the supermarket. Everywhere.

It is a generational thing. It is getting to be all we know. I used to love about Leonard Pennario that he was a different generation and he would never use the "F" word with me. Well, once he did. But that will have to wait for the book The point is, it got me thinking of how much my everyday life has made me accustomed to living among schufts and oiks.

Were it my authority to do so I would clap these slugs and oiks and schufts into the Holding Center, I will tell you that right now.

I am glad the cops are working to clean up our streets.


David Snyder said...

You are hitting a nerve writing about jailing for lese-majeste (I don't think the accents can be typed here). For 23+ years, I gave my best efforts to a demanding job, did it well, and finally fell victim to my personal scruples. I blew the whistle on a corrupt (male) supervisor and his weasel co-worker cronies and showed my contempt for those co-workers who remained in the workplace after he was gone. A new big boss with a dictator complex then came in, took note, and used my age and arthritis to force me out. As this was a government job, I reported this new boss's incompetence to my federal reps (one sent an investigator, I found out later), then wrote the mother of all tell-off letters to her and cc'd it to her bosses at headquarters. I did not use the f-bomb, as you call it, but I did call her arrogant, stupid and unfit for any administrative position outside of scheduling executions on some death row. My parting shot was to inform her that behind her back I called her The Vermin Queen to her staff and that they thought it was hilarious. Within 72 hours I was in jail, having been slapped with harassment and criminal trespass charges (for finding a security lapse which was her fault and which I reported). She claimed the letter was a death threat, when it was no such thing...she simply figured that as a government bureaucrat, she and her higher ups who coached her - she's too dumb to think on her own - had the power to jail anyone who showed her any disrespect.

I feel what I wrote is protected by the Constitution, and I resent the implication made both by my former employer and the lawyer I had to hire to defend me, that my real crimes are (1) I don't know my unwashed laborer's place in society, and (2) that I won't accept the idea that these professional hired guns are somehow my superiors.

I'm commenting about this here because we clashed once over something in the paper, and I'm hoping for responses from you and your readers. I don't know about flipping the bird in public. To do that to a law officer is not in one's best interests, to say the least. But I don't crawl on my belly to self-styled aristocrats in the good old USA.

And for this ranting post, I'm going to drop the Prof. G name and use my real one. I wear the criminal charges brought against me by that swine like a badge of honor.

Larry said...

My own gov't work experience was similar though less in degree.
What I have learned is that it is usually best to not pull against the rope of the powers that be no matter how unfair they may be. This is the way of the world - like it or not.

Larry said...

Now, say 10 'Serenity Prayers'. :)

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Prof. G, there are special rules that apply to cops ... police can't go around letting people treat them with disrespect in public, is what I was getting at.

Your case is totally different and -- as is so much the case with you -- unique.

Please don't take offense at what I wrote!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, God grant me the serenity ... Hey, I have new Pennario stuff to get you. I'll be in touch!

Prof. G said...

I didn't and don't take offense. So don't worry. Hitting a nerve is a different thing entirely.

I consider a weblog to be an entirely wide open field for comment unlike the rules that apply in newspaper journalism.

I appreciate your allowing me my comments - you could easily delete them and block me if you wanted to. I think our political and social views are complete opposites, but you yourself are immensely lovable.

So, fire away at anything you want!