Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not-so-small potatoes

Today at Tops I picked up a bag of potatoes for my mother and me to split.

And zut alors, I felt myself turning into my mother!

What happens is, I find the potatoes. They are five pounds of russets for $1.50. And there is a tag on the potatoes. They say: Buy this bag of potatoes and save $1.00 on two packs of Hillshire Farms Sausage.

What about Tupac Shakur? That is he up above!

Anyway, being the tight-fisted German I am off I go to the sausage department. And there is Hillshire Farms Sausage. It is on sale for something like 30 cents off. With my $1 off coupon that would mean 80 cents off.

Not good enough for me!

I spotted a stick-on coupon for 55 cents off stuck to a beef Hillshire Farms. I wanted a turkey Hillshire Farms so I peeled off the coupon and stuck it on the one I wanted. Then I ransacked the sausage bin hoping there was another 55-cent coupon. Criminy, there was not.

So I took what I had. And you know what, it was not bad. They doubled my 55 cent stick-um coupon. Then I got my dollar off. By the time I got back to my car, I was a happy camper, and not just because I had Leonard Pennario's Debussy preludes all cued up and ready to go.

And here is what is funny.

At home I find myself standing in my kitchen studying my receipt and gloating.

Isn't that funny?

The satisfaction you get from accomplishing these dumb things.

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Daryle P said...

Better than a good bargain on crappy factory sausage; going to Sarasota to visit Geier's German Sausage kitchen, and getting some fresh Nuernberg Bratwurst, English Bangers and Hungarian Kolbasz.
Think about that, Mary; me, in a German deli. With lots of Germans. You gotta know the food is excellent.