Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a slice


It is the slice-of-lime table that I saw at an estate sale on Saturday! Finally I figured how to get it out of my camera.
The lime table was $650 and came with four green chairs, one of which is visible above. It was the crowning glory of a house that also included two great rooms papered in yellow and green and a sun room with wallpaper that had green ferns on a silver reflective background.

Another shopper said, "You can see yourself in this wallpaper!"

It was true! There were no Leonard Pennario records but you cannot have it all in a house like that.

That was quite a discussion we had going the other day about estate sales and whether or not we feel good going to them. I feel fine, I can tell you that.

Now I am catching up running a few pictures I was not able to run because I could not figure how to get them onto my Web log. Here is Father Anzelm, at left with bouquet, leaving his farewell Mass on Sunday at Corpus Christi, after his sermon in which he dissed Darwin.


His vestments match the lime table!

Here is Airborne Eddy in our pew during the sermon, attentively video-ing the blue hat on the woman in front of him. That was one classic hat! It can hold its own in the post about the slice-of-lime table.


There was a neat-looking sunset the other night so I snapped this picture.

Sunrise, sunset.

Quickly fly the days!


Larry said...

That lady's head cover could be a punk rocker's wig hat if it were a mite longer!

Fare ye well, Father Anzelm.

Howard Goldman said...

Good thing I wasn't at that estate sale. That table might have wound up at Big Blue.