Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music to my ears

I was using my old cell phone as an alarm clock and it kicked because Howard took the Sim card out. So I found this great vintage clock radio I bought at a garage sale last summer and plugged it in.

That is the way it works with garage sale finds. You store them away until the one you have breaks, and then the garage sale purchase gets pressed into service. The trick is, of course, to be able to find the thing when you need it. Luckily my clock radio had not strayed far.

See, I am listening to it right now. It is in the other room and it is playing a Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody. Already it is sabotaging my day! Because I cannot work and listen to stuff like that. I am going to have to go and switch it off.

My mother gets all combative in these situations. Once they started playing the Brahms Clarinet Quintet, I think it was, in the car, and I changed the station.

She says, "What, you don't like Brahms?"

Yes I like Brahms! That is the whole trouble. I would crash the car!

Anyway, this radio. I love it because it is the exact model I had when I was in high school. The exact same General Electric '70s made-in-Singapore model. It has the old-fashioned numbers that flip. Sometimes you can hear them flipping. The greatest thing is the alarm. You set it just with a dial. It takes two seconds. You do not have to sit there holding a button down setting the alarm to the exact minute. You just put it around "7" or one of the dots between "7" and "8" that denotes, say, 7:15.


Now, if I could only throw out my old cell phone. But I cannot do that! Leonard Pennario used to talk on that cell phone. He used to borrow it. And when he called me on it his name would blink up. Important to history!

I am a prisoner of my stuff.

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