Friday, January 29, 2010

Ringtone dreams

I got a new iPhone and it has been fun figuring it out.

Or not figuring it out, as has been more the case. This week has been jammed and so I have been paying rent on this thing without actually using it. I do want to master it sooner or later because one thing I want to do is download Leonard Pennario ringtones. Searching around the 'Net for this and that, I have encountered them. An ad will bounce up saying: "GET YOUR LEONARD PENNARIO RINGTONE!" Which I love. I love that!

Just as a feeler I did a search to see if I could find Gary Graffman or Leon Fleisher ringtones. They are contemporaries of Pennario's and maybe I could get their ringtones too. I could assign them to my friends! The phone would ring and I could say, "Oh, that is Gary Graffman, so that must be my friend Gary." But I could not find any Fleisher or Graffman ringtones.

Gary Graffman and Leon Fleisher should get on the stick!

Back to my difficulties with my iPhone.

It is so pathetic that I have had to rely on my mother to figure it out!

I was at my mom's and my mother has a cell phone which she is disgusted with because she cannot even be bothered to get to square one with it. She has given the number to only one person and it is not me. It is my brother George. In my mom's electronic phone book, which has two numbers, he appears as "georges."

That is stylish! It is like Georges Bizet who wrote "Carmen." We saw his grave in Paris.

When I figure out how to do ringtones I will assign my brother Georges the "Seguidilla" which is my favorite part of "Carmen."

Or perhaps I should go with the "Toreador Song" which might suit Georges' personality more.

My mom's cell phone was beeping for some reason -- burping, was the word my mother used. From time to time it goes, "Burp." So we were trying to figure that out. Meanwhile my iPhone made a noise and it was a text message. It was Howard asking me to come down to Jocko's for a glass of wine. Welcome news! A welcome invitation and of course I wanted to text him back immediately and accept.

But that was not that easy. When I tried to text back all I got was a blank screen and no instructions.

"Ha, ha!" my mother laughed appreciatively.

I was waving my fingers all over the screen because I knew there was some way to make a typewriter keyboard appear. Finally my mother made a suggestion.

"I think if all you do is sit and wait, the keyboard will come up," she said.

This morning I tried that, and she was right!

That is the secret!

I would never have figured that out on my own. I remembered my mother's suggestion and that is why I tried it. So, one thing mastered.

The Leonard Pennario ring tones are next!


Larry said...

Good luck with the iphone. I have a cheap ($76) Canon camera (A470) that has a pdf owner's manual that is nearly 200 pages long! Yeah, right. I think you can even program it to wash the dishes for you so, an iphone should be able to cook, at least!

Buffalo Bill said...

I just got a new smart phone... My ring tone is the height of Nessun Dorma as sung by Pavarotti. You should see the looks I get from people at work when it goes off... They have rap or something like that as their ringtone...

I might have to take your advice and add a Pennario ring tone too... You should give a recommendation on the best Pennario for a ring tone!

pythagoras said...

An iPhone! Congrats, Mary. Now you can enjoy all those great classical music iPhone Apps. Enjoy!