Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the frozen north

 This is a wonderful world and new people who knew Leonard Pennario keep appearing as if by magic. Yesterday a man wrote to me from the Arctic Circle. Norway is in the Arctic Circle, isn't it? I am looking at this map and trying to figure that out.

Hmmm. Come to think of it Buffalo is pretty darn close to the Arctic Circle itself.

Tonight Howard and I went to dinner at Della Terra. That is the restaurant at Avant! And our boots went crunch, crunch, crunch in the snow. That only happens when it is really cold!

That and you can see smoke coming out of the smokestacks of Buffalo factories, not that we have many of them left with all the government interference. But when one is still in business, you can see the smoke. See this lower picture of the Kurtzmann piano factory? That is Factory (B). There is this one factory I pass on the way to work that on cold mornings looks just like Factory (B).

Back to this Pennario fan. He is in Norway with his wife and their baby son. I wonder if he knows Ole Bull State Park. Remember Ole Bull State Park? Anyway, he told me that he knew Pennario when he was growing up. His father had been with Pennario in the Army, in China and Burma and India.

One thing he writes:

He loved bridge, and Mom and Dad would try to set up a game for him, when he came through. One of the last times, when I was a teenager, he and my family went over to the Hubbards' house to use their piano. Mary Lou and Karen Whitmore - both very pretty girls - were there, and they wanted him to play some rock and roll tune for them, which he did with great elan. 

Ha, ha! That is Leonard. America's greatest pianist!

I would love to know what tune that was.


Larry said...

Seems like he really enjoyed pleasing people at those parties when they requested something. What about his 'March Of The Lunatics'? That has a wonderful story behind it!

BTW. when I think of you (Mary) I think of New York. My experience with NY is is only the 'big city' as in visiting the Empire, Statue, Coney Island etc. in 1967 and, passing through there on the way to Maine in 1987. Hopefully, I will never have to go back there again. But I realize that you are in a different world there in Buffalo. Anyway, I got the shock of my life on a subway going from Brighton Beach to Coney Island. It is X-rated so ...

Anyway, when I think of NY, the subway this morning, I want to know if you and Howard particpated in 'The 9th Annual No-pants On The Subway Day' yesterday. That is if you have subways in Buffalo, which I kind of doubt. But, it is New York! Just read all about that in the (unbiased) London Daily Mail. Here is the article:

What does it say about our own domestic news papers when I have to get my news every day from London, lol!

Budd Bailey said...

I have been to the point in Nova Scotia which is halfway between the North Pole and equator. (Of course, there are many such points all around the world, but this one was just off the highway at a rest stop.)

So be sure to visit Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, when you are in the neighborhood. It's just down the road from Spring Hill, N.S.; I don't have to tell you that Spring Hill is better known as the home town of Anne Murray.