Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adventure in Aisle 5

Yesterday I heard a wild rumor about the Obama birth certificate situation. Someone emailed me that the lawsuits over that had "quietly" reached the United States Supreme Court, and that the court would be taking on the cases. The email said that Antonin Scalia had said something about it, that the court would consider it, something like that.

I was trying to verify the rumor but you know how it is, it is like we live in China or somewhere and it is impossible to corroborate or disprove anything. That is too bad. I am interested in the doings of Antonin Scalia because he is a Leonard Pennario fan.

Here is something else about Antonin Scalia. Remember my Uncle Bob? He makes appearances on this Web log now and then. His memory does, anyway. Once my brother George was quizzing Uncle Bob, who was a history professor, about various Supreme Court justices. Uncle Bob was rating them as to how conservative they were.

They got to Scalia. George read off his name.

Uncle Bob said: "Like a rock."

Ha, ha! George and I love remembering that. We were just reliving that the other day.

Speaking of reliving things, yesterday I had so much fun talking about supermarkets I thought I would return to that topic.The other day in Tops when I was wandering around waiting for them to kill and steam my lobster I began taking pictures. You know what fascinated me? Those religious candles. There is half an aisle of them!

I saw a candle dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe and to be honest, I was tempted. Because I was married on Dec. 12 which is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And there was a prayer on the candle for the Pope.

But then I noticed that the same company that made that candle made all kinds of hoodoo candles too. This candle was not blessed or anything. I decided it was best not to support this industry. Although you know what? I wonder if we will see this kind of thing passing away. And when we do that will be too bad. I would not want the hoodoo candles sticking around but if people burn candles for Our Lady of Guadalupe or for St. Anthony of Padua that is probably all for the better.

Here is the Our Lady of Guadalupe candle.

My church is St. Anthony of Padua and he was there at Tops, too. I wonder how many people light candles to St. Anthony when no one is looking because they cannot find something in the store. I should have lit it because I could not find raisins, no matter how hard I looked.

At the top of this post are the candles for the Sacred Heart and the Holy Spirit. And they covered St. Michael the Archangel too.
It is funny but I do not see these candles at Jubilee. Well, they have the Harlem Helpers. They are not the 14 Holy Helpers but they are something anyway.

All right, this was fun but now I must needs return to the kitchen.

Those mushrooms I fought over at Jubilee?

They are still there!


Bingles said...

I laughed so hard when you mentioned lighting a candle to St. Anthony when you can't find an item in the store... Talk about customer service!

Larry said...

Back in the 60s when I was a hippy, I used to light incense.

Ryan said...


I'm sure that's not the only thing you used to light.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

I went through an incense phase too, when I used to light incense! I bought it at Pier 1.

Now I could say I have incense, wine and candles. I'm a very freaky girl!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Bing, about the St. Anthony candle, I started laughing when I wrote that!