Friday, November 6, 2009


So I'm at my mom's and my mom starts talking about she was thinking of switching health insurance.

"I think I could get a better deal with another plan," she said.

And I hear the unspoken question: Could I help her with figuring this out? And I am terrible about stuff like this. I mean, I have not even opened my mail for something like two months.

So I say, "Katie is good at figuring this kind of stuff out." Meaning my sister Katie in East Aurora.

My mother says: "Oh, I hate to bother Katie. She has so much on her mind."

I have nothing on my mind, you know?

Not a thought in the world.

Parents. There are no words!

With which, above is a new video some Frenchman, apparently, put up of Leonard Pennario playing the slow movement of Beethoven's "Pathetique" sonata. I just watched it and listened to it three times to get my heart rate down to acceptable levels after remembering what my mom told me.

It is sweet how people take to this piece. It is easy to get mad at the idea of making that piece into a piano concerto, which is what they did (the cut comes from Pennario's best-selling "Concertos Under the Stars") but on the other hand, who cares. It makes a pretty good piano concerto and they did a good job with the arrangement. And it's great to hear Pennario's classical touch, which was so natural and wonderful.

This is quite a cosmopolitan day for me, I will say that! You know how we were talking the other day about Hungarian tablecloths? We just got a comment signed "A Hungarian in the UK." Thank you, UK Hungarian, for checking in!

And thank you, Frenchman, for this video!


Larry said...

Yes indeed! Many thanks to the Frenchman for this beautiful piece. I love it! He needs to allow embedding though, to help share it. Ya know, we cannot take it with us. So they say, anyway.

What a laugh you gave me today, as usual. I, like Mom, was thinking about the same thing but gave up immediately since I have no one to do it for me, lol!

And isn't it great to have the Hungarian with us! Bless you!

Anonymous said...
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Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, your Pennario videos are the greatest. I will have to get you some more music!