Thursday, October 15, 2009

The swingers' convention

Here is a picture I took of Howard on a friend's couch the other night.

Howard never takes a bad picture!

That was at a dinner party we went to where we all had to cook something. I had drawn the funny lot and so I had to bring the okra.

It is a strange vegetable, okra! But I drew the okra lot and so I had to bring, ahem, okra with ginger and lime. A most unnatural preparation!

I was afraid no one would eat that okra so I prepared another okra dish as well. That was New Orleans Okra.

Both recipes were good but neither is the type you would pass down to your children or grandchildren. It is just hard to make headlines when you bring the okra.

Here is something though: It is not hard to make headlines when you are a swinger!

We have a swingers' convention ...

... on Grand Island and everyone is buzzing about it!

Just now on Channel 7 they were announcing it. The swingers were the top story! They are staying at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island. "The swingers are arriving tonight," the announcer was saying. And the cameras filmed an SUV driving up the drive. And you saw the lower portion of a person wheeling a suitcase inside.

The Holiday Inn is giving employees off who have moral objections to working this weekend. And the TV reported that when the swingers leave, the Health Department will be in to inspect the Grand Island Holiday Inn and make sure everything is OK.

I like this to-do. I like that some people still care about morals. There was a lot of talk today on the radio asking if it is not better that this be all above board, and not closet behavior. But I am not sure that it is better. I do not think it should get to the point where we just accept this behavior.

Plus here is one question that I have not seen the media address. It is a supernatural question for today.

What about the ghost at the Grand Island Holiday Inn?

Nobody has mentioned her. But she is there!

The ghost is not over 18 the way you are supposed to be to be at the Holiday Inn this weekend. Although as Howard says she was born in the 19th century so she is old enough.

Howard says, "She has probably seen it all."

That could be true.

Still I am jealous of all the media attention these swingers are getting.

I should not be writing a book about Leonard Pennario.

I should be writing about a swinger!


Larry said...

That okra would have been a big hit around here if it had been fried! Yummy!

What an awesome country we have. People 'swinging' pales in comparison to pretending homosexuals can make families. What about 'swinging homosexuals' having a convention next? Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Pretending homosexuals can make families ? Are we pretending straight couples like the Balloon Family are doing such a bang up job with institutions like marriage and parenting that gay people need to stand back and watch the experts ?