Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster or miracle?

There is still this miracle of nature to be dealt with.

It is a Broccoflower!

Or something like that. All I know is, it is very exotic.

It looks as if it came from the moon!

Howard was amazed by it. I was going to show it to him but I forgot and while I was at church Howard came downstairs and saw it. And he was amazed by it all on his own! He took pictures of it. Above is one of the pictures Howard took of the Broccoflower.

The miracle of the Broccoflower as Howard points out is that it has many miniature versions of itself. You have this big crystal-like formation and it is made up of many smaller crystal-like formations. And those formations in turn have even smaller versions of themselves, and so on, into infinity.

What can we possibly make with this miracle vegetable?

Whatever we make, it cannot possibly taste as good as the thing looks.

It is the Leonard Pennario of vegetables.

It is a miracle!


yourstilniagarafalls said...

It is also called Romanescu cauliflower. Fry some diced onion in olive oil til golden, add the broccoflower and some curry powder. Lower the heat and cook to desired doneness. Yum. The structure of the vegetable is an example of the Fibonacci progression.

Buffalo Bill said...

How did it taste? Looks quite impressive...never seen anything like it before...