Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Telephone from heaven

What a day I had yesterday! Without going into detail it began at 8 a.m. in the confessional of St. Anthony's Church. That is a dramatic way to begin your morning! All these suits walking past on their way to their City Hall jobs and there I am kneeling in this squeaky old confessional.

Perhaps Leonard Pennario had knelt in that same confessional. I wondered about that. But I decided that by the time he was confession age his family had moved to Holy Angels. That is where he went to school.

What was I doing thinking about Pennario? I was supposed to be thinking about my sins!

Rack up another one!

So that was how my day started, with confession. How I wound up there is a story I might share some day but today I do not know where to begin so all I will say is I felt a lot better when I walked out, trust me on that.

Mass and confession are a beautiful and dramatic way to begin your day!

There was also beauty at the end of my day because I went to my friend Michelle's house and that is where I beheld this telephone set-up.

Isn't that unbelievable? I got tears in my eyes when I saw it. A table made for a 'phone! With a space just wide enough for a 'phone book. Yesterday I think I forgot the apostrophe for 'phone. That will not happen again!

And that thingie over the 'phone, at first I thought it was a light. But it is not! It is so if you have to call someone to the 'phone you have a place to rest the receiver.

As my new friend Ryan pointed out I still have a long way to go before I can take myself seriously as a vintage 'phone collector. Wow, I wish I had a table like Michelle's. Not to mention that 'phone! Originally it had the four prongs and she had to send it away to get it fixed up so she could use it!

I am guilty of 'phone envy! Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's vintage 'phone and yet I am doing so.

And me just out of the confessional.



Larry said...

That is cool! It makes me feel old though because that phone looks rather modern to me compared to the ones I can remember using, lol.


Later tonight, I will be leaving here (Virginia) for a week (at least). My hometown in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky is beckoning me. See you all when I return. Be well!

Marta said...


Stephen said...

i still can't imagine you, Mary, "sinning" or at least doing anything that I would consider "sin)! I think you invent "sins" just so you can justify going to confessional.

Art said...

Would that be a sin?

Stephen said...

Maybe there is such a thing as "virtual sin." (?)

Andrea said...

Father Secondo can do that. Dramatic is his middle name, and of course he's contagious. Hope to see you and Howard soon Mary.