Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pillow talk

With the temperatures falling through the 40s and rain in the forecast, today is not a bad day to be in quarantine, which is what I am. I have the cold that Howard had last week.

Zut alors!

I hope no one else got it!

I slept all morning because of this cold and zut alors again, I missed yesterday's estate sale because of it. Above is a picture Howard took of me while I was sleeping. The room is kind of messy but I am in there somewhere. You just have to look for me.

This is not a bad cold I have but, as Mercutio says in "Romeo and Juliet" when he is stabbed, "'twill do." I think half of Buffalo has it. Howard was listening to Kevin Hardwick's radio show and he said Kevin Hardwick had it.

For some reason I think of "Romeo and Juliet" a lot when I get colds. Here is a silly secret. I never swallow the NyQuil at night without thinking of Juliet taking that potion that is supposed to put her to sleep for a week. She says, "Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee."

Then you gulp down that NyQuil and you are asleep! It is almost like Ambien, where right away, you start to feel funny.

There is this comedian who riffed on NyQuil, big rude comedian. Well, is there any other type of comedian? Airborne Eddy is that kind of comedian.

The NyQuil comedian's name is Denis Leary and he would say that NyQuil is stronger than anything you can buy on the streets. I just went on YouTube looking for his NyQuil routine and here it is. It is foulmouthed, I am warning you! But if anyone else out there is taking NyQuil it will make you feel better.

Here is another thing, I could not make it to church. I was feeling bad about that. I hate missing Mass. Here is a painting of me today missing Mass.

But you know what, I had this coming to me. Because last Sunday I went twice. I went once where I normally go and then my mom wanted to go to Our Lady Help of Christians for their 1:30 p.m. Latin Mass so I went there too.

That is binge behavior so today I am getting my what-for. I was getting too holy for my own good! That is how I interpret my illness.

I wonder what that estate sale was like yesterday. I am going to quote more poetry: "Visited estate sales are sweet, but those unvisited are sweeter..." My mother was going to go without me. She was going to walk over and see what was there.

Watch, she is going to tell me, "What a record collection they had! Thousands of piano albums! I did see a few by Leonard Pennario. Good thing you weren't there. You have so many records."

I would die!


Kevin Hardwick said...

God Bless Howard.

Unknown said...

I loved the ending: "I would die". I cracked up at that!!!! Sorry you have that cold Mary, I hope you have a very speedy recovery for sure.

Rob said...

Sorry you missed the estate sale. I would have gone with your mother...I love estate sales.