Thursday, February 19, 2009

A shot in the dark

Last night Howard and I sat up in bed sharing a shot of Southern Comfort (see ad, above) and watching the Pope reprimand Nancy Pelosi. Ha, ha! The story about her and the Pope was on Fox News, Bill O'Reilly. They flashed the headline: "Catholic Scolding."

I am sorry but Nancy Pelosi and her clunky beads get on my nerves. I am not being snide here. Probably I and my clunky beads get on her nerves, too, who knows.

I do love my beads which cost me $1 at a garage sale. Well, they were supposed to be a dollar. I talked them down to 75 cents.

What about the Venerable Bede?

See, you get me onto religion and this is what happens.

The best part of the Fox coverage of the Pope and Pelosi came when they got a priest on the show who had been observing their meeting closely. The priest said that usually, when you have an audience with the Pope, immediately afterwards there are pictures of you and His Holiness on the Internet for everyone to see.

But after the Pope's meeting with Pelosi, there were no pictures!

"That is very unusual," the priest said. He concluded that the Pope did not want to give Nancy Pelosi the political advantage of having pictures of herself with the Pope that she could point to.

At least I think that was his conclusion. I hate to admit this but my mind was hurtling in a completely different direction.

When you meet the Pope, you get your picture with him splashed up on the Internet? I did not know that! That is what I was thinking about.

I want my picture on the Internet with the Pope!

Me, me, me!!

And in the picture, just so everyone is extra impressed, I want them to be holding his robes like this.

I have wanted to meet the Pope anyway. I would like to talk with him about Leonard Pennario. You have to figure the Pope knows who Pennario is. He has to! Because the Pope plays the piano and he is the same age as Pennario and Pennario played a lot in the great concert halls in Europe. He played a lot particularly in Germany and loved the audiences there. The Pope was probably in that audience. You just have to figure.

That gives a new meaning to the phrase: "An audience with the Pope."

Where am I going with this?

Oh, my new ambition to get my picture taken with Pope Benedict. I drifted off to sleep thinking that's funny, I never thought I would share any objective with Nancy Pelosi, but now I find that I do. Both of us want our pictures taken with the Pope for all the world to see.

At last, common ground!


Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi gets on my nerves period....beads or no beads.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Pope and Nancy need to sit in bed and drink SoCo...

Unknown said...

Good luck on getting that picture. i don't think I'd hold my breath waiting though.

Anonymous said...

i get nancy naples and nanci pelosi confused

Anonymous said...

You'll love this, Mary: