Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, the pain, the pain!

Didn't someone use to say that on "Star Trek" or "Lost in Space?" My brother Tony used to watch them when I was very little. Those shows are in some of my earliest memories. That is "Lost in Space" pictured above. Look at those groovy get-ups!

The pain, the pain, because I was in the ortho's chair for something like an hour this morning! That is why I have not checked in before now.

The good news is, this big piece of plastic that was plastered to the roof of my mouth since last March is gone now. That was a surprise and a joy! This thing, it was driving me crazy. It felt as if my mouth was in a cage, which, you know me, what between talking and eating, the last thing I want is my mouth in a cage. I would fuss with this thing, feeling it, wondering what it was. Once I even got a mirror and put it in my mouth so I could see what was what. And all I saw was this wire.

I thought: Am I imagining things? What was up there did not feel like a wire. It felt like this big band.

What about the Tommy Dorsey big band?

I have a picture of Tommy Dorsey with Leonard Pennario. That is how cool Tommy Dorsey was.

So today the ortho gets these big wire cutters. I never thought I would be so happy in my life to hear someone say, "Hang on, I need to go grab the big wire cutters." That is what he said! He reaches into my mouth with them and there is this terrible heavy CLICK, and then another one, and then this thing is out of my mouth. And I finally saw what it was.

What it was was, it was this wire and, attached to it, this plastic oval about a half-inch long. And this was the secret: The plastic was see-through! That was why I could not see it!

I found that fascinating. I almost took it home so I could take a picture of it and show it to all of you out there in Blog-O-Land. But then I would have become nostalgic about it and it would be one more thing kicking around my house. I do not need that!

More good news: What with St. Valentine's Day right around the corner I now have hot-pink braces. They are much jazzier than the pale French ice-cream pink I had before for the weeks leading up to it.

St. Valentine would appreciate that, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

I think "The pain, the pain" was said by Herve Villachaise (sp?) on a show called Fantasy Island. He must have meant it...he eventually committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was said by Jonathan Harris, the actor who played Dr. Zachary Smith on "Lost in Space," more and more frequently in its campier eras. :)

Anonymous said...

It definitely was Dr. Smith on Lost In Space. That was his signature line. I always loved the line "Danger Will Robinson, Danger" spoken by The Robot. Now this was a great TV show!!! I can not even imagine having that piece of plastic and that wire in your mouth like that. How did you tolerate it????

Howard Goldman said...

The Fantasy Island line was "Boss, the plane, the plane!"