Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter Piccolo's people

I can't sleep so I am blogging in the middle of the night. And I was rewarded for being up at all hours! There was this email waiting for me from this gentleman I emailed earlier today, about Capitol Records.

Leonard Pennario was a Capitol artist all through the 1950s when he made an amazing 40 albums on the label. That averages out to four a year! Anyway, this morning, up before dawn, I was looking around on the Internet for info on Capitol, and I found this blog, all about Capitol Records. I found some stuff out on this blog that I didn't know, including that Pennario had tossed off Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" all in one session (that's my boy) and that he had recorded Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Now that I would like to hear!

And I wonder why I can't sleep despite drinking two glasses of wine.

Anyway, I emailed the guy who did this blog asking about people I could get in touch with at Capitol. And just now, I see he got back to me with all kinds of useful information. Which is great! Why do my own research when I can get someone else to do it for me?

And here is what kills me: he is from Eggertsville!

He lives in California now but is thinking about moving back soon. He is a graphic designer. Anyone out there with any job leads for this gentleman? He is my friend now. His name is Mark Heimback-Nielsen. His blog is here. I am warning you: I have a little problem with calling it up on the computer. It must be overloaded with information about Leonard Pennario.

What's this question I am picking up? Someone is asking me something. I hear it now, it being the middle of the night and dead quiet: "What else is new, Mary, on the Leonard Pennario front?"

Such a nice question to be asked!

I spoke with Leigh Munro, the soprano. Hearing what she had to say brought tears to my eyes. She said that whenever Pennario came to hear her sing, he would send yellow roses to her dressing room, a dozen yellow roses. He would take her out to dinner and they would walk on the beach. I'm so jealous!

What made me tear up was listening to her tell of the last time she saw him. The story was so romantic and sad. I will have to call more women for my book. Women have the best stories. I am going to go into Pennario's address book and call every woman in it. It will take me a long time but it will be worth it.

Now we segue to the subject of Peter Piccolo.

Remember Peter Piccolo? We discussed him last month. Since then, the Pennario blog has become the clearinghouse for information about Peter Piccolo. Several people were good enough to comment, providing details on his death. Last week I got a phone call last from Mr. Piccolo's great-niece and today we actually spoke. She is looking for information on her great-uncle's murder.

I also got a comment just yesterday, from her mom.

It is funny, talking to people who know you from your blog. You find yourself talking as if you are not strangers. Welcome, family of Peter Piccolo, to the Pennario Web site. You might enjoy this.

As the Capitol Records expert from Eggertsville proves, the world is getting smaller by the day.

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