Thursday, November 6, 2008

A man or a mouse

This is terrible but on the morning of Election Day I saw a mouse in my kitchen. It came out of a closed drawer near the floor and then it crawled back up from whence it came and vanished.

Eeek! Double eeeek! It is like the time I found the worm on my carpet in San Diego. Well, not quite as bad as that. Leonard Pennario agreed with me that the worm story was the most gross thing in the world. There was nothing like that.

But, this mouse. The weird thing about it is that just a moment earlier, I had been thinking about Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse." Honest. I was by the shelf where I keep my spices and I was looking for paprika and for some reason that came into my head. "Wee, timorous beastie..." I was even thinking of that word "timorous." Was Burns being funny, I wondered, applying that stentorian Latin-root word to a mouse?

Then I turned and I saw that mouse!

Isn't that weird? Well, I am getting used to this kind of thing happening to me.

Wow, check out the link above to "To a Mouse." You would think that on a Web site devoted to Robert Burns they would at least capitalize his name right and also not write "Burn's." Oh, well. That is a wee, tim'rous Web site, say I.

On the bright side, one thing yesterday cracked me up. That was Bill, yesterday's commenter, telling me that Barack Obama had Leonard Pennario on his iPod. Bill, I was laughing all day about that! Plus, I enjoyed the dialogue that resulted. That is a progressive word, dialogue. I am going to use it every chance I get.

Then this morning I saw the Wall Street Journal and it reminded me I am not alone. This woman who wrote the book "Prozac Nation" wrote about Obama's election and her essay began: "I cried, I admit it."

Honey, you and me both! (As bartenders in Buffalo like to say.)

I will recount my experiences in my book "Ambien Nation."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mary! I'm confused....I know you wanted McCain to win, but you said you felt better that you were not alone when you read the Prozac Nation author saying she cried in the WSJ.

Elizabeth Wurtzel the author of "Prozac Nation", said "I must admit, I cried. I'm not perfectly sure why, but of course I was overjoyed. It is still astonishing that a country with our history of slavery and racism could elect a biracial man who identifies as African-American. This is a proud moment for all of us. I even photographed my ballot in the voting booth, my fingers pushing the X into the Obama-Biden slot."

I am happy to hear that you were not alone in crying in joy over the great symbol of racial progress that Obama's victory symbolizes. I think all Americans, no matter who they supported, should feel as proud of their country as I feel right about now....

Oh, and please tell Howard not to listen to Rush Limbaugh! He lies to gullible people who are looking for some one or some group to blame for their own unhappiness. Sure, he has a right to his opinion, but this country is in too bad of a shape to be playing silly "dittoheads good, liberals evil" games with people's heads......

When is the party at Big Blue?