Monday, October 20, 2008

The mysterious gem

Yikes, the Bad News Blog! Look at the comments yesterday. My sister Margie writes that she thinks I have a hive full of bees inside the walls of my house.

Please, someone, say it isn't so!

To take our minds off such troubles, let us spin today's story of the supernatural, in accordance with our October tradition.

Remember the trip to Lily Dale I took with two fellow reporters a few years ago? Before I learned that I should not do these things? When I was in Lily Dale one of the mediums had this big book on crystals, gems, things like that. I asked her if she could look in the book for what it said about kunzite. Kunzite is a beautiful pink gem named after George Kunz, who is my brother the gym teacher. Well, actually it was named after George Kunz the distinguished gem expert at Sotheby's. But no one needs to know that.

Wow, reading that link on George Kunz the gem expert, I am struck by the fact that he married a woman named Opal. Isn't that odd? How can the writer not comment on that?

But back to my Lily Dale tale. It is a weird one!

Seeing that I have the same name I wanted to find out what kunzite's powers were. So I asked the medium if she would look it up.

Then this very strange thing happened. The medium dragged this huge book off this tall shelf. It felt like a scene out of "Sleeping Beauty." She opened the book and it opened right to kunzite!

I mean, the book had about 1,000 pages! It opened right to the correct page!

"That is so weird," I stammered.

"What's weird?" the medium asked.

"The book, um, opened right to the page."

"Oh, well, I had been looking for that," she shrugged, or something like that. Something that even made it more weird.

Thinking about it now, I could reason that, well, kunzite does fall kind of toward the middle of the alphabet, so maybe if you open a book the odds are good it might open to that page.

I had a similar experience in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. Wow, it is a long time since I mentioned the library. Remember when I used to talk about it all the time? The reason I am not mentioning the library is because the fines I owe are so great now that I cannot go back. But back when I didn't owe so much money, I was in the library's reference section, and there was this huge tome on pianists. I dragged this volume off the shelf and opened it up and guess what? It opened right to the page on Leonard Pennario!

At first I was kind of shocked but then I thought, well, Pennario is kind of near the center of the alphabet. Maybe that is why it opened to that page.

But still.

After all that, I wish I could tell you what the powers of kunzite are. But alas, they went in one ear and out the other. I was so astonished by what happened with that book that I forgot to listen to anything that spooky medium said.

I can tell you, though, that kunzite is good for wearing on your finger. When Jack and Jackie Kennedy got engaged he gave her a kunzite engagement ring. Not that that was any model marriage, but you can't fault her taste in jewelry. I have a kunzite ring too. Howard gave it to me before we got married. It was not supposed to be an engagement ring but that is what it turned into.

Come to think of it, he gave me that kunzite ring not long after my trip to Lily Dale. Hmmmm.

What was it that the medium said, that I did not hear?


Budd Bailey said...

I've been looking for the happy medium for most of my life.

Anonymous said...

My youngest has a gem book. We have books on just about everything. Kunzite, according to this book, activates the heart chakra and aligns the heart. That makes it very appropriate for engagement rings. It also removes obstacles from one's path, desolves negativity, dispel possession from outside infuences/entities, produces a shield from unwanted energies, helps one attain deep meditative states, and vibrates to the number 7 among other things.
It goes with atrological signs of Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo.

All of this is from Love is in the Earth by Melody (updated edition)
Said daughter says it is the best book on the subject that she ever got. Yep, said daughter is "interesting."