Saturday, October 25, 2008

A message from a spiritualist

This morning I was able to get into a pair of Gap jeans I have not been able to get into for seven years! I can't breathe or eat but as long as I can drink wine all is not lost.

I love the billboard over Hertel Avenue: "Fall is here. Ditch the beer. WARM UP WITH WINE." I needed that reminder!

Not only that, but look at yesterday's comments. We got one from a real live Spiritualist. Anonymous Spiritualist, thank you for reading the blog! It is nice that there are Leonard Pennario fans in the Spiritualist community. I will try to blog about Spiritualists more often.

Also, has Leonard Pennario been in touch with any messages for me? He will have a hard time getting through to me what with Elmore James tying up the line, but you never know.

Spiritualist, guess what? You know how we do a supernatural story of the day throughout the month of October? We have to double up on the supernatural stories tomorrow because today, you are it!

Well, wait. There has been something else on my mind.

You know Tom Bauerle, on WBEN-AM, and his ghost show? Every year he does a ghost show. Well, a couple of them. He did one a few weeks ago and he has scheduled the big one for Halloween itself. Oct. 31, from 9 a.m. till noon, 930 AM. I will be tuned in!

Bauerle promised the other day that he would put a picture of a ghost on his Web page. I am pretty sure that is what he said anyway. He said he would post a picture of the Iron Island ghost. Note to out-of-town Leonard Pennario fans: Iron Island is a part of our district called Lovejoy that is bordered by railroad tracks. It is a magical zone!

There is a ghost at the Iron Island Museum. That is run by Marge Thielman Hastreiter who is my second cousin although she does not want to admit it. I am putting her name so when people Google her, my blog about Leonard Pennario comes up.

The ghost in Bauerle's picture has no legs and no eyes. Brrrrr! I got shivers on the 190 listening to that. Then when I got to work and jumped onto Bauerle's Web page to look at the picture, it was not there. I have checked back several times with no luck.

Well, maybe the ghost disappeared.

Isn't that what ghosts are supposed to do?

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