Sunday, October 12, 2008

The East Aurora Horror

Once more, my cry has gone out unto blog-o-land, and once more, my cry has been answered. The other day the question concerned Peter Piccolo, the hairstylist. I now learn he was murdered in his office and the crime is unsolved.

We have Mike Beebe, crime reporter at The Buffalo News, to thank for that answer. Thanks, Mike! Mike said that he was allowed to go behind the yellow crime tape and saw Peter Piccolo's body lying there.

That is no image with which to begin a new week. It is clear to me now why that restless spirit haunted that building on Elmwood so long ago. Perhaps still!

Let us turn our attention today, in honor of our October chronicling of the supernatural, to another haunted building. This is the chicken coop owned by my sister Katie, the left-winger, and her husband, David.

David and Katie live out in East Aurora and to tell you the truth it gives me the creeps to be there after dark. I am just used to more lights. I am like Leonard Pennario in that I am a city person. Being out in the country can make me nervous.

A few year ago when they bought the house they live in, I went out to see them and I remember getting antsy as the evening closed in. We were sitting in their living room and they began telling me about their chicken coop and the strange things that went on in there.

What happened was, David went in to gather eggs, or whatever you go into chicken coops to do, I don't know. And he heard footsteps overhead.

They grew louder and louder!

And there was nothing up there. There is a kind of second floor to this outbuilding that serves as the chicken coop, but it was empty. The footsteps got closer and David, even being an atheist, felt his heart beat faster and his hair stand up.

He flew the coop!

And at the time I talked with him about this, he had found a way of solving the problem: He simply had not gone back into the chicken coop since. Which was wise, to my way of thinking. Who wants to play chicken with a ghost?

Wow, that was one night when I could not wait to get home to North Buffalo.

Things are strange, out there in the country.

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