Monday, September 22, 2008

Messages from beyond

What with all the excitement yesterday I forgot to mention the funniest spam email I ever got in my life. All in capital letters, the subject line read:


How can you read that and not just know it is going to be a great day? Surely God is smiling on you, when you get a spam email from the desk of Dr. Pissa Ali.

I could not believe Howard was video-ing me yesterday. This is the first time he figured out how to put a video on the blog and I thought he was taking my picture, that's all. Now there I am stammering on the phone with Cardinal Egan and doing that ditzy Teresa Heinz Kerry thing with my hair. For all the world to see! Remember how Teresa Heinz Kerry used to run her hands through her hair all the time? Now I am doing it. Oh, well, His Eminence could not see me.

Does anyone even remember Teresa Heinz Kerry these days? Wow, she and her husband vanished in record time four years ago. Just like Barack Obama has vanished now. I got an email from Barack Obama once, too. These are the people I attract.

Speaking of mysterious messages: The Blog just received a comment from a Father Tom, on the long-ago post in which I was venting about Leonard Pennario's funeral and how the celebrant, a minister who was called Father Tom, handled it. But the Father Tom who commented is apparently not the Father Tom I was writing about. In his comment he did not bother mentioning that.

This is all way too confusing for a Monday morning if you ask me. It sounds like something that would come from the desk of Dr. Pissa Ali.

Now, watch, I'll find out that Dr. Pissa Ali was a good friend of Leonard's.

Nothing would surprise me these days!


Maggie Mills said...

Just saying hello! (And I wanted to respond just to see if I finally remembered my google name/password! I think I did!)
--- Margie

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Dr Pissa Ali is related to Muhammed Ali or guitarist Mir Ali? Or Mark DiGiampaolo?