Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today the funniest part of The Buffalo News is not the comics section. It is that picture on the front page of the Burchfield-Penney Arts Center.

Ahahahahahahahahaaaa! It looks like a big tire!

I am glad the paper is at least taking a look at the possibility that this place just could be, uh, a wee bit ugly. Also that it blocks the view from Elmwood of the Richardson Complex. Also it squats upon parkland that was supposed to complement the Richardson Complex. Where were the Olmsted Parks people? Slumbering on the grass? Picnicking under a giant oak, their faces turned the other way?

I think we should just admit we made a mistake and tear the thing down just the way we tore down Green Lightning once upon a time. We lost those beautiful trees on the parkland but we can plant new ones.

How come none of the tree huggers, usually so vocal in our town, defended the trees that came down for the new Burchfield-Penney? Where were they when those trees needed a hug?

Why didn't all those lovers of green space see red?

On the bright side, elsewhere on the building front, it cheers me to look upon the soon-to-be-aborted downtown casino. We could never have fought that without the backing of the Wendt Foundation.

I will always feel indebted to the Wendts for their help with that issue. I will bring them coffee on a daily basis and buy milk exclusively from their dairy the rest of my life.

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