Saturday, September 20, 2008

An eminent call

Yesterday, I had this really long and stupid day. The great thing is, there was one bright spot in that whole nutzoid 12 hours or so. I got an extremely nice message on my cell phone. Anyone want to guess from whom?

Hint: We talked about him a few days ago.

Cardinal Egan!

Cardinal Egan called me from his New York City office. He descended into my chaotic life like some kind of angel, sounding very sweet and nice. He said, "Mrs. Goldman, this is Cardinal Egan. E-G-A-N." He spelled his name! Can you believe it???

I get to talk with Cardinal Egan about Leonard Pennario tomorrow morning. The way I timed it I just have time to come back from my Latin Mass which, you know me, I do not like to miss that Latin Mass or I turn into the Swamp Thing. So I am glad I will be able to hit that Mass and get back in time.

Howard promises if the car breaks down or anything else unthinkable happens, and I am delayed, he will keep Cardinal Egan on the line for me. He will entertain His Eminence.

Let's hope things don't come to that.

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