Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vegetative state

Saturday is a great day because it means I get to pick up my bag of vegetables from Porter Farms. I look forward to that. Last week I joined the, ahem, Community Assisted Agriculture movement. I think that is what it is called. I must be the only Republican in the world engaged in this push.

I have to pick up my bag a couple of blocks away, on Woodbridge Avenue. Naturally though it's close, I drive. As a Republican I must assert my carbon footprint somehow.

Last week's bag is pretty much gone so I can congratulate myself on that. I ate it all up! They gave me two frying peppers, and I fried them. Two small heads of lettuce, about a half a grocery bag of green beans, five beets, about eight zucchini, two yellow squash, gone, gone, gone. I am on the South Beach Diet in perpetuity so I burned through it all. I did leave half of my last salad in a Tupperware thing under my desk at work by mistake yesterday, so there's a possible waste -- boooo! But I was going to go downtown later today to go to confession so I can stop by the office then and get it and see what shape it is in.

Listen to me. I am so stupid when it comes to money.

I agonize over wasting half a head of lettuce. And just now -- I have the floury hands to prove it -- I just kneaded up the dough for two loaves of bread just so I could use up this oatmeal Howard cooked yesterday and didn't eat. So on the one hand I am this model of thrift. On the other, I go ahead and rack up hundreds of dollars' worth of overdue book fines at the library. How silly is that?

But let's not talk about my stupidity. I will do enough talking about that in the confessional this afternoon. Let's talk instead about food. I have a new favorite thing. It is that chicken-wing sausage they make at Cammelia's.

It's made out of chicken, and they put this cheese in it, and this chicken-wing spice. Howard said, "It tastes just like chicken wings!" But with a million fewer calories. Of course not when it's consumed in the massive amount that we consumed it in the other day.

For the life of me I can not remember if it's Cammelia's or Camellia's. But I have to write one thing more about that place. It has been at the Broadway Market what, two years now? I remember when it got there. And overnight, it looked as if it had been there forever. Faded family photos on the walls, battered-looking specials signs, crucifix, the works.

Also, Eric, the owner: Surely he is the world's hunkiest butcher! When I met Baby Joe Mesi, I remember thinking, he is the best of his kind, a beautiful Italian man. You could say the same thing looking at a picture of Leonard Pennario, tall and dark in his white tie and tails. Perfect specimens, both of them. Just perfect. God does not make them better.

Gazing at Eric over a pile of pork chops, I think, he is the best of his kind, a handsome, buff, hard-working Polish man. Check him out, ladies!

And Howard wonders why I don't mind all those trips to the Broadway Market.


JS said...

This Republican manages the Board of the Lexington Co-op as an employee. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Baby Joe and giving me a reason to smile today......Morgan

Bill said...

You might want to check out the library web site. They will send you an email reminder a couple of days before your books are due, and you can renew them online. You can also request books online, and they will deliver them to your local branch. You do need to get a PIN at the library before you can use it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our weekly plight of what to do with all of these vegetables!