Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pianists, parties and pierogies

This morning I was thinking about the good things that have happened this week. I was asked to judge the pierogi contest at the Dozynki Festival at Corpus Christi Church this coming Saturday, I think it is. (Don't worry, I'll get it straight. Far be it from me to screw up when it comes to free pierogies.) Also I got this great new source going on the Leonard Pennario book. That is this gentleman from Idaho who is an accomplished pianist and asked Leonard a lot of questions about piano. It's fun to compare notes. You always find something new.

In the middle of talking about Rachmaninoff and Ravel we had special fun piecing together what we both had heard about Leonard's brief encounter with Grace Kelly. Mr. Idaho had heard a little bit more than I had. I think because I am a woman Leonard had a little trouble confiding certain details. I used to have to drag things out of him, often in a series of courtroom yes/no questions. Once, such a series of questions ended in us both laughing. Another time, we both wound up crying and I was sent home.

Extreme music interviewing! I used to tease him: "See, Leonard, if you had picked a guy to write your book, you would not be going through this. But, the situation being what it is..."

God, I just miss him so much.

On the bright side, lastnight I went to the best bridal shower. It was at night, not at 2 in the afternoon, plus there were guys there. I got to bring Howard. Other girls brought their husbands and boyfriends. A few husbands and boyfriends even showed up by themselves. The party was in a North Buffalo back yard and the night was so beautiful. They lit tiki torches. And they had a little fountain bubbling away in one corner. It was just $70 at Lowe's! I want one.

Not to shock anyone, but I drank too much red wine. Well, actually I didn't have that much, but what I had hit me extra hard because I wasn't eating. Because of my braces it is easier to drink than to eat, alas and alack. After the party Howard and I hit the Hyatt for Jackie Jocko's last set. This great guy we know from City Hall was there and bought us drinks and silly me, I accepted. Heck, I wasn't driving. I should not have said yes to that extra glass. I ended up hugging Dr. James Williams, the Buffalo superintendent of schools, and I am afraid I told him that after I finish my book on Leonard Pennario I would write one about him. Then Jocko got me talking about Leonard Pennario and I just kept talking and talking.

But here is my saving grace: I was not so gone on wine that I swallowed Jocko's nonsense. He tried telling me that Pennario had confided in him when he was at the Hyatt. "He told me, 'Jackie, there is something special about that writer. I could tell that on the phone. I could tell there was something different about her.' He told me that."

At the same time I was eating it up I knew it wasn't true. I said, "Jocko, cut it out."

But that is one thing I love about Jocko. He tells you what you want to hear. Accuracy comes second.

We all need a person like that in our lives.


Sarah Bear said...

Curiosity could kill the cat over here in Idaho. Does Mr. Idaho have a first name? Such mystery. . . love your writing.

Anonymous said...

Mary...such I shame that I am going miss Dozynki this year and not be witness to your pierogi judging skills.

I am a bad daughter heads off to college (freshman) this coming weekend and I have been trying hard to figure out a way to minimize the daughter drop off in Albany so I would not miss Dozynki.

Those Idiots are playing on Saturday as well...

You should have Howard take some pics...