Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hazy, crazy days

How gratifying, to see that my five-cent Sciences stamp is coveted enough to warrant my being invited to join a stamp club. Thanks, Michael, for your comment yesterday! I knew I was onto something. I knew that once I came forward with my rare stamp, everyone would want to know me.

Unfortunately I have no room for any other serious hobbies in my life besides my book on Leonard Pennario. That and drinking the occasional glass of red wine. And following the local news, like the story about the teacher who supposedly had the suicide pact with the 14-year-old boy. Could you believe that woman? I keep poring over her picture. I cannot get over that.

Here is how nutzed up my life has been. My sister from New Jersey visited this weekend. And I completely forgot she was coming.

And we had just talked on the phone last week!

The whole story is so idiotic. On Monday, my mom called me at work. She said, "We're all going down to the waterfront." I said, "What, is Katie coming in with the kids?" Katie is my sister the left-winger, who lives in East Aurora. I have written about her before.

My mom said yes, Katie was coming in. And I said, well, you know, that's great, but I have to work, blah blah blah. Later my mom called me again and said they were all going to eat in her back yard. I said, truthfully, that I was under the gun at work, that I'd probably have stay late, etc. I guess if I had stopped and thought about it, I may have realized: there's something funny that my mom is calling me every five minutes to say we're doing this, we're doing that. Especially since she and I just went through that night from hell at Artpark, that night I wrote about last weekend. But I never stopped to think.

Fast forward to late Monday night. I mentioned in my stamp post yesterday (stamp post, haha) that Howard's old buddy Jeff Van Stone showed up and we went with him to Papa Jake's. I'm making conversation with Jeff, whom I never met before, and I'm saying, "Jeff, that's great that you live in the same town with your brother. Most of my family lives here. But I have a sister in New Jersey, and... "

Then I stopped. "MY SISTER IN NEW JERSEY!!!!!"

That was why my mother had been calling me! I had totally forgotten she was here!

So on Tuesday night I managed to get together with Margie and my nephew Matthew and my niece Emily, the golf champion. Emily is a darling girl who had just advanced to the next level of a major, major golf competition. She is our own Tigress Woods.

Maybe some day someone will be writing her biography the way I am writing Leonard Pennario's. The writer might have a problem, though, making golf as sexy as classical piano. Nothing is as sexy as classical piano.

The world will find that out when I finish my book.

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Maggie Kunz Mills said...

The NJ sister, Margie here. Well, now it seems you have a sort of New York/NJ fan base. Some of my in-laws who live in New York are reading your blog now! Just to update you-- Emily won the golf tournament! First place in the Monmouth County Women's Tournament at the age of 12. People at the course were very excited for her, and her opponents were very supportive of her budding career. It's exciting. Well, thanks for not forgetting entirely that we were visitiing Buffalo, Mary! I'm glad we got together!