Saturday, July 5, 2008

Suddenly, summer

Shocking, that it is high summer, the Fourth of July. For the first time in forever I let myself sleep in. All spring I was getting up at 5 or 6 a.m. trying to get various chapters of my book done so I could read them to Leonard Pennario. Now it feels as if I am waking up after a long sleep and all of a sudden it is summer and I never saw it coming.

Howard and I went for a walk in the park this morning. We are trying to get more exercise.

I was easily the most schleppy exerciser in the park. I wore sandals and carried a cup of coffee. I did not even have the decency to put my coffee in a travel mug. It was in the same cup I was using at the breakfast table, this cup my Uncle Joe gave me years ago that advertises some drug and reads, "Helps Clear Airway Mucus." The mug has a picture of a set of lungs with black stuff in them and it used to be that when you added hot liquid, the black stuff would clear. That feature wore off years ago -- maybe I put the cup in the dishwasher too many times -- but I still treasure it.

My Uncle Joe is a doctor and always gives us the best stuff.

What with the last eight months of my life having been signed over to Leonard Pennario, I am noticing now that just about every single thing in my life needs fixing. I have begun to work to clean out my "office." (Pennario used to use quote marks sarcastically and I have picked up the habit.) I actually did some dusting. Today I have to go grocery shopping. I wonder if I could just call the grocery store and tell them to bring me one of everything.

Remember weeks ago when I was gardening and thought I was winning the battle against the bishop's weed? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

I still have snow tires on my car.

My inspection has lapsed.

Then there is my old nemesis, the library. The answering machine is full of messages about overdue books.

Yes, I am definitely taking on water.

But it was all so worth it.

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