Friday, July 18, 2008

The gong show

MKG stacks up at the "Italian Festival" but fails to take home the cheeze.
Photo courtesy of BuffaloGal.
Click here for BuffaloGal's play-by-play report of the event.

Tonight I have to go to a party and it is outside and dressy and you're right, I am stuck with that steamy summer question of what in the world to wear that won't make me faint. Why don't they make dressy dresses out of cotton? No fair, no fair!

I am lucky I am not a guy. Men, with their shirts and ties, I don't know how they do it. At least being a woman I can always wear a camisole with something and throw on pearls and in a pinch, that would probably work for anything. Creative black tie is a lot easier for us.

Speaking of pinch ... why is it that I keep in my closets skirts that have always pinched and always will? Why don't I throw these things out?

Also, why do I keep things because my mother gave them to me? A lot of things fall into this category including a couple of bow blouses and also this old bathrobe that I don't need any more now that I have Leonard Pennario's. I just hang on to this stuff. I don't know why.

Speaking of Leonard Pennario's clothes, Howard is wearing a tie of his tonight. He tried wearing a shirt of Leonard's too but this particular shirt is, for some reason, too big. We think maybe Pennario bought it by mistake. It would be too big for him too.

For a long time I have been in the habit of buying dresses as souvenirs of my travels. I think tonight I am going to wear a dress that I got in New Orleans. I bought it at an, er, antique shop (really more like junk shop) and I know I have worn it to other parties before, but I am hoping no one remembers seeing it on me. Well, I am not that worried. If I don't remember if I wore it here or there, there is no reason why anyone else will.

The one thing I remember at this junk shop was they had this big gong. I went up to it and hit it. Nothing happened.

So I did what anyone would do and hit it again. Again, nothing happened. I walked away, figuring it was broken.

Then this sound began filling the shop. It started small and then it got bigger and bigger. A big SsssssssshhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

The gong!!!!!

It grew louder and louder!!!

I went to the other side of the shop and just stood there, pretending I had had nothing to do with it. That was when I saw the dress that I am going to wear tonight. I think it cost me $7. They gave me a song and dance that some movie star had worn it. Like heck. The label is La Belle. I have seen other dresses with that label. I do not think movie stars wear dresses with labels that I have seen before.

But it is a great dress all the same. I just hope it does not make me faint. The object is for me to make other people faint. Hee hee! Har!

Imagine how witty I will be once I have a glass of wine.

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