Sunday, July 27, 2008

Et vino torcularia redundabunt

OK, I finally got it done. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. There is a new light in my eyes now. There is a new sense of infinite possibilities.

You guessed it ... I cleaned the upstairs bathroom!

It is amazing, what a sense of accomplishment you get from doing something like that. You put it off for -- well, I am not going to say for how long -- and then it's done. It has brightened my morning.

Speaking of brightening my morning, I have to quote from this morning's Mass readings. Hang on, let me go get my missal. This is a goodie. Here it is, the Communion reflection for, ahem, the 11th Sunday After Pentecost:

Honora Dominum de tua substantia, et de primitiis frugum tuarum: et implebuntur horrea tua saturitate, et vino torcularia redundabunt.

Translation: Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with all the first of all thy fruits: and thy barns shall be filled with abundance, and thy presses shall run over with wine.

"Thy presses shall run over with wine." If that is not a good reason for honoring the Lord with thy substance and the first of all thy fruits, I do not know what is. It is inspiring to think of this beautiful wisdom being handed down, writ first in ancient Hebrew (the verse is from Proverbs), then in Latin. It makes me want to have a glass of Gato Negro right now!

But alas, I have work to do. That Journal story.... it's still not finished.

Well, at least the bathroom is.

I am flush with success!


Anonymous said...

cute blog!
Mr Anonymous

Maggie Mills said...

Mary---I just thought of what I'll give you for Christmas! Next time I come to Buffalo, I'll give your bathroom a good cleaning!! (How I ended up as the 'clean freak' in the family, I'll never know! Does this make me a 'family nut', too?)