Saturday, July 12, 2008

The count and the yacht

Darn, it's the weekend, when no one reads blogs. And there is so much to talk about!

How great it was, yesterday, to wonder out loud what big orange freighter that was that I beheld on the Niagara River ... and then to have the answer come to me, thanks to Mr. Anonymous Correspondent, that it was delivering gas to Noco. Who knew that the gas in those huge tanks came in by ship? And how nice to have the answer come to me out of the ether.

Guess what I saw today??

Down by the marina, across from the Hatch and up a ways, my friend Jane and I saw a gigantic yacht! It was called, if I remember correctly, Gran Finale.

I mean this was a world-class yacht. Jane said it gave her shivers. Who in the world was visiting?

I would have asked, but now I have gotten lazy, because I believe that again, the answer will come to me out of the ether. It is wonderful that things are finally starting to move for Buffalo. Things are happening here. One day, a big freighter. The next, an awesome yacht. Remember when all that washed up on our shores was the occasional zebra mussel? We have come a long way since then.

How about that Italian count who has washed up on our shores and is giving us all that modern art? Did everyone else see that story in the paper yesterday? There is this very odd picture that shows this Count Giuseppe Whatever-his-name-is posing in front of a blank square, apparently a picture.

Gee, just what we need. We've never seen a blank square like that before. Doesn't he have any decent stuff to give us?

Hmmm. I just started wondering if maybe that yacht belonged to the count. It has to be. Who else could it belong to?

Couldn't the count keep his blank square, and give us the yacht instead?

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Is this what you saw?