Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 2

Everyone who wrote to me yesterday, thanks so much!! I could feel this warm wind of prayers and sympathy coming from Buffalo and it made me feel so much better.

The editor I spoke with at the San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday was from Hamburg. He started laughing as soon as I said I was the music critic from Buffalo. Then I told him, "Well, Bob, I'm calling about a countryman of ours, the pianist Leonard Pennario..." Bob was very nice to me. I have to say, everyone** I talked to at all the papers yesterday was extremely gracious. By the way, if anyone needs me today, I am still on call (716-816-6279) and so is Howard (716-833-6111).

Wow! This very charming man from the London Telegraph just called. He said he had been reading this blog and found it "engrossing." Leonard gave a lot of concerts in London and loved it there.

I have to run. I will blog more later. Just wanted to check in and thank everyone. This is a crazy time in my life but I know I will always remember it.

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Anonymous said...

Mary...just read about this today...I will keep you, Leonard Pennario and his family in my takes us to many different is amazing how you got to know this man...through you many more people will get to know him.

God Bless!