Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Journey into social consciousness

MKG at the beach minutes after posting this blog.

This morning, 5:30 a.m., trying to load up the coffee maker, I have to read the coffee packet, because I am trying to find out how many cups it makes. The coffee comes from Seattle. This is a classic case of one hip city, San Diego, boosting another. And this is what I read:

"We believe it's possible to create good coffee and Create Good (registered trademark) at the same time. Made from 100% Arabica beans, Pura Vida is certified Fair Trade, organic and shade-grown. And Pura-Vida was founded with a distinct mission: Help children and families in coffee-growing communities."

Then there is another whole column. "The Pura Vida journey begins with triple-seal certified coffee beans..."

For the love of God, as my friend Michelle likes to say. How about my journey into alertness? Can't you just tell me how many cups the darn thing makes? Would you believe the packet never does say that?

Do these people not go to church or temple, so they need sermons with their morning coffee?

Just for that, I am going to widen my carbon footprint, get in the car and begin my 7-mile journey to the beach. Howard is going to be watching me, did I mention that? He has a GPS tracker on my car so I am observed at all times by law enforcement across the country. Invasion of privacy! I bet the people who distribute this coffee have a lot to say about that. I'll probably read it on the next packet.

MKG route to the beach. Courtesy of

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