Tuesday, June 25, 2019

David Bellavia, at the White House and on the air

Here in Buffalo we were all excited today because one of our own, David Bellavia, received the Medal of Honor. We all tuned in to watch President Trump confer on him this great citation.

Buffalo City Hall is lit up white, blue and gold right now in celebration!

And here is what I really loved:

In between wall-to-wall coverage on the radio of Bellavia and his courage and this honor, we got to hear Bellavia talking about what we should do if we owe the IRS over $10,000!

That is only one of a number of commercials he does on WBEN, where he co-hosts the afternoon show with Tom Bauerle. And just because Bellavia was getting the Medal of Honor today did not mean that we would stop airing his commercials.

It is as if he is family.

That is so Buffalo!

Here is the footage, for the record, of the great man and his great moment. I have to warn you, it does start with a commercial. And it is not one of Bellavia's.

It should be!

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